There’s no denying that Digital is super important and if you aren’t utilising the opportunities it provides, you need to get onto it, fast!  But the downside of Digital booming to critical importance, has seen the throwing out of a lot of non-digital strategies, and in turn throwing out some very important opportunities. 

With a high percentage of brands trying to be seen on social for example, we forget about the people who refuse to live their lives online (I think we are heading back in this direction!).  There’s also the fact that people get so much digital thrown at them, that we still need to find ways to stand out.  Not to mention the fact that putting all your Marketing eggs in the one basket can be damaging & limiting.  And oh the horrible Facebook reach many of us suffer through from time to time. 

Learn to keep your eyes peeled and your ears open

It’s important to always be at attention, always on the lookout for how YOU can stand out.  On how to utilise different tactics to get creative and get the attention of our target market.  Learn to keep your eyes peeled and your ears open for what is working with other Brands, and what isn’t, and for the potential opportunities for you and your Brand.  While most people are focusing on Digital, there is an unspoken opportunity laying right on our doorstep.   Most of us walk past it at least once a week!

Digital + Non-Digital = Stronger, more comprehensive Marketing Approach.

From 19.4c per Marketing piece, really??

I recently had a discussion with someone at my local post office who mentioned that Businesses can have their Brochures or Postcards delivered directly into Post Office Boxes, of the areas you choose (Post Office wise).  The best part was, that it is really affordable, from 19.4c per piece, and there is no minimum.   I called their Customer Service line, THREE TIMES to confirm this. 

Here’s the deal. 

1)      There is no longer any separation between Business and Personal Boxes, and we can’t direct our marketing flyers or postcards at specific target markets (except for Post Office Locations). 

2)      As I was starting to think about how this would work for my Business for example, as a Business to Business Brand.   Realistically most people either work for a Business, run a Business fulltime, run a Business on the side, or know someone that does.  You can also choose the suburbs that are Business Hubs, or Australia Post Business Centre’s.

3)      You would have to make a decision about whether or not this may be an option for your Brand.  At 19.4c upwards per piece and no minimum, it’s important to weigh it up with your other options.  Don’t forget Marketing is either time or money.  What are you paying for Digital right now?

4)      It’s hard to work out your ROI (Return on Investment).

5)      Your flyers MAY land in someone’s bin.  But remember, people MAY unlike your Facebook Page, and MAY not even see your posts!  Let’s compare apples with apples.

6)      The part I love is that you drop off your flyers or postcards, pay the amount and they look after them for you.  You can choose your post office outskirts, and even go nationally!  You can stipulate where you want them to go, and the Post Office Network distribute them for you.  So no need to fly to Queensland (bummer!).

I see this being a great option not only for Businesses in general, but specifically for the following:

  • Crowdfunding Campaigns
  • Local Events
  • Marketing Material that gives something of value (might be your marketing info on the front, and a how to for kids on the back)
  • Special Offers
  • Business Collaboration Flyers (why not get 3 Businesses together to all be included on the flyer – share the cost, send more out!).
  • E-Course Promotion
  • Creative Marketing Material with a ‘whats in it for me’ component

With the Digital Age majorly affecting the profits and market share for our good old local Australia Post (can’t remember the last time I bought a stamp!), they too are looking for other ways to distribute marketing collateral, provide options for Business, and make use of their facilities and opportunities. 

CLICK HERE for further information on Pricing and Terms.

Some other important things to note:

  1. We AREN’T talking Junk Mail here, we are talking high quality, creatively produced marketing material, potentially with something for the recipient.   No black and white home printed flyers.  Something that positively reflects your Brand.
  2. Have a strong CALL TO ACTION and/or invite them to connect with you on Social.  This may just start the conversation with a new potential customer.  Social Media can continue the conversation.

I leave you with a Challenge.   If there was one non-digital activity you could participate in, or one non-digital marketing opportunity that would connect your Brand with your Target Market, what would it be?


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