Developing a Facebook marketing campaign can be as simple as creating a business page for your brand. But, don’t let that fool you into thinking that Facebook marketing is a piece of cake, actually it can be a nerve wrecking experience without a solid strategy and the right attitude. If you are just beginning to promote your brand or position yourself as an industry thought leader on Facebook, you’ll soon realize that it takes more than just an elegant Facebook page to win the trust and respect of your peers and fans. Creating a business page does not make you an instant authority or brand on Facebook but, your reputation will depend on the amount of buzz on your page and the number of subscribers following you.

To boost interaction on your page, you need post content regularly and not just boring posts but, exciting content related to your niche that can easily invoke conversations with your fans. This way you will be able to engage deeply with your prospects and be their top-of-mind as you nurture them through your sales funnel. By initiating conversations and posting interesting content, your fans will stay updated about your latest offerings and other relevant industry trends to help facilitate their conversion since you want your brand to be their top-of-mind when they finally decide to make purchases.

Today I’m going to share with you 4 killer tips used by rock-star Facebook marketers to help you boost engagement on your business page.

1. Mix and spice up content

Do not over use one type of content for all your posts. Pimp your timeline by posting different types of media such as video, images, sketches or infographics along with your killer pitch that capture the attention of your target audience. But, there are instances when using text alone is not enough and you may have to go an extra mile for instance upload images, embed video, infographics etc. However, depending on your niche, you may find yourself using one type of media more often than the others. Consider musicians, whose main attraction is their music videos. The bottom line is to use a rich mix of content to keep your fan page looking cool and interesting to your audience.

2. Post questions and CTAs (Call-to-actions)

One foolproof way to boost interaction with your audience is by posting questions. Posts that require fans to take some form of action or share their opinion will definitely create a buzz on your page since your audience will feel obligated to respond to your CTAs. You can also step your effort by running a poll or contest such that if a person gives a correct answer they are entered into a draw or rewarded with a price. Fans love it when they are given a chance to share their opinion on popular discussions and trends. Doing this will go a long way in ensuring their loyalty to your brand.

3) Link complete website URLs

Always use complete website URLs when linking to external web content because most fans would like to know which websites you are directing them to before they click the links or embedded microsites on your page timeline. A fact that is attested by the Kissmetrics‘s research report-using URL shortening platforms to shorten website address urls dramatically reduces their click-through rates and consequently the engagement on your page, even up to 94%. On the other hand linking complete web URLs may see your click-through rates go over the tops. There is only one downside that you should also be aware of -you may have to keep your posts short and precise, especially if the url you want to link has many characters.

4. Don’t be a robot

Marketers live and do business in the fast lane, with dozens of tight deadlines to meet and impromptu assignments to be taken care of everyday. Marketers are most of the time forced to schedule posts for the next day, a full week or sometimes a whole month so as to concentrate on more pressing assignments. But while, automation from the popular third-party apps such as HootSuite, Buffer etc. may offer convenience or a way out of in difficult situations -they also lack the human touch and personality, and you risk sounding like a robot in all of your automated posts. Something that may derail your ongoing marketing strategy and all the effort that you’ve put into building and promoting your brand.  You may also get less interaction when scheduling posts.

Try to post original and authentic posts that will appeal to your audience. Drop the all business attitude and reveal your personality because your audience would like to connect with you as a person. In fact, most people are on Facebook and social media in general to have fun. Therefore, it behooves you to engage your fans in a fresh and exiting way without spoiling the fun. In addition, you also increase your exposure by posting live updates since Facebook also gives more preference to posts created within compared to posts created with third-party apps.