By now you would, hopefully, have heard of the Market Me Marketing Idea Planner.  Well, recently it was reviewed  with 5 stars by Aussie Product Review and we couldn’t be prouder!  We wanted to share what they had to say:

No longer shall my office desk have scraps of paper with brilliant ideas
on them just floating around!

No longer shall my genius business thoughts be left on
my desk to blow away…

Wow, this is the business planner I have always needed! At whatever stage your business is at, whether it’s in the very early stages, be it ideas are flying in your brain at all hours of the day and night or your business would be considered established but you have new and fresh ideas – this will work for you.

I have the Market Me Business Ideas Planner and now all these thoughts and ideas are in a safe and organised place. I can build and extrapolate on the ideas as they days go by, along with organise my thoughts for the future too.

I found the Business Idea Planner to be an extremely valuable tool so let me take you through it.

Now, this product comes in a PDF form and is therefore a printable. So, I printed and then stapled all the pages together to create a booklet I guess you would call it. I wanted to keep everything together so I could flip back and forth with ease and as needed. I found then I could brainstorm further on ideas that I had previously written because I always had the planner near by. This worked well for me. Another idea would be to stick some pages to the wall of your office so you can continuously read, and add to your ideas.

I found there to be enough space in the designated sections to write all my ideas. For example, there are the yearly timeline jot planners and the quarterly planner both of which has space for more than one idea. I also enjoyed reading the text sections too, my particular favourite was the Rules of Productivity page, it has 13 useful points that will help you keep on track with your time management. I have no doubt this tool will help you maximise you productivity as it has me!

The Business Idea Planner also delves into 2016 & 2017 so if you have BIG ideas or your planning into the future with your current business, there is room for that too..

Market Me have managed to create an aesthetically pleasing, completely functional business planner, all in a convenient printable format. You can aim and track your goals for each month or quarter, plan for each month around holidays or season and organise special offers. It really depends how you want to use this Business Idea Planner against your business model. If your not even that far along in your business just keep jotting down everything that comes into your head because this planner will be worth it’s weight in gold when you get your business started.

Keep track, manage, plan and roll out – that’s what the Market Me Business Idea Planner can do for you.


So there it is.  Thank you Aussie Product Review! If you would like to be well on your way to organising all of your amazing business ideas in one place sooner, then purchasing the 5 star Market Me Idea Planner is a productive way to start working smarter for you.