When people visit your website or a landing page, they usually want to learn more about your business and your unique offerings.   You’ve literally got less than 10 seconds to grab their attention, or to educate them on the most important bit of info you have for them.  You don’t want to risk turning away prospects simply because there is bad copy, not enough copy, or too much copy on your site.  We see it regularly, bad copy with grammatical or spelling errors is bad news for your Business and often does more harm than good.  Don’t forget how important first impressions are!

Here’s some things to think about…

High quality and original content

Customers are more likely to want to do Business with you if they consider the content on your website to be authoritative, high quality, unique or creative.  Hire a professional copywriter if you cannot write a good copy yourself since the reputation of your brand depends on it among other factors. Poorly written or duplicate content not only makes you look potentially unprofessional, it can also earn you a penalty from search engines and your site may be completely dropped from search results.

Keyword rich and optimized content

Good website copy in addition to being interesting to read should also be optimized with the set of keywords that your target audience is searching for.  Proper use of keywords will increase your exposure to the right audience and also remarkably increase your search engine rankings. Make use of relevant and catchy titles that will attract the attention of your target market. This will help you increase your site’s visibility to the people you need to see if the most, and at the same time boost your conversion rates.

Content readability and visibility

Increase the readability of your website’s content by making use of bullet points and other text styles to ensure that your site’s visitors are engaged as much as possible. Do not beat around the bush, go directly to the main offerings that you want your target audience to know about.  Your call-to-action should also stand out from the rest of the content since this is the main objective that you want to achieve. In addition, try to minimize the usage of technical jargons or ambiguous words in your website copy because some people may fail to understand what you are trying to pass across.  You may like to present information in blocks so that a person doesn’t have to read the entire page, rather they can go to the section that they need the most.


Most marketers put too much emphasis on the website design aspect and other aesthetics at the expense of web content.  Since good copy is one of the major factors that help marketers increase conversion rates and drive sales, it needs to be an equal part of the equation.  Good copy doesn’t come cheap, and like any form of Marketing its either your time (and possibly lots of it), or your money (engaging a copywriter to work for you).

The Digital Collective

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