A lot of what we’ve been doing of late at Market Me is WordPress Designs, Renovations, and updates, and so I thought it was fitting to create a website specifically to give information on WordPress, and showcase our completed websites along with other helpful information.

WordPressME has been created as an offshoot to Market Me but with a WordPress focus.  We are still the same company, functioning under Market Me, but this part of our business has a WordPress focus.

WordPress is web platform that over 60 Million people are using as the basis of their blog and/or website.   It’s very simple to create a website with WordPress.

Purchase domain + organise hosting – add WordPress to your domain – either upload a free theme of your choosing or design one espescially for you – add pages + content + images, tweak to perdection, add plugins, and your site is up and ready to roll!

WordPress itself is built by hundreds of community volunteers and as a platform is updated regularly (so you can just update your site at the click of a button), and when you’re ready for more there are thousands of plugins and themes available to transform your site into almost anything you can imagine.   Visit http://wdpressme.com/.


WordPress is:

– SEO Friendly (with extra FREE plugins available so you can take control of this yourself)

– Mobile & Tablet Friendly (we use Responsive theme as the basis for all sites.  Responsive identifies what the visitor is viewing the website on eg.phone, and automatically changes the site for the phone for optimal viewing.

– You have full control over content and it can be updated using the WYSIWYG Editor.  Once you publish, its live immediately!

– Generate traffic to your site using a blog – since WordPress was primarily a blogging platform, its super easy to have a blog as part of your website!  Make the most of the traffic you generate to your blog posts and let your visitors view the rest of your site while they are there!

– It is very user-friendly.

– There is so much content online about WordPress and the varying aspects of it.   It is a well known platform and there are countless helpful articles for you to source and use.

– No Ongoing fees for WordPress – WordPress wont charge you for any ongoing fees.  The only ongoing fees you will need to pay are your Domain Registration, Hosting and any design or maintenance charges.

So if its time you converted to WordPress, or built a WordPress website, why not contact us for a quote!  Work Smarter not Harder in 2014, and get more out of your business!  Email us at marketmemarketing@gmail.com

Yours in business!