If you’re anything like me, there can be anywhere between 10 and 20 browser tabs open at any one time.  Flicking between these and also losing tabs and having to find them again can be time consuming and sometimes frustrating. I don’t normally right click on tabs in my browser but recently I did, and there was a ‘ Pin tab’ option.  My life changed in that moment ha!  Not only did it tidy up the tabs, I could also have all the tabs I normally use in the one spot.  It’s a great way to manage frequently used tabs and get more productive.  This #hack is available in most browsers.

This one #hack has seen my productivity go through the roof!  I am loving it so much that I thought I would share.

You may know that the tabs open from left to right in your browser, the first tabs you open are located on the left until you start moving tabs around. That’s why, most people tend to keep their most important tabs on the left. They do this by dragging the important tabs over to the left side so that they do not get mixed across the screen as new tabs open.  This is all good until there are ‘too many to view’.

Now you can ‘Pin’ and almost lock one or more tabs to the left of your browser. Once ‘ Pinned’, this tab will shrink down to icon size and will be locked at that position. You can also re-order them aswell or ease of use.

How to Start?

To start organizing your tabs, right click on the tab you want to pin.  From here you can ‘Pin’ and ‘Unpin’ a tab amongst other things.  If it gets ‘Unpinned’ accidentally, you simply right click and re ‘Pin’.  The best part of it is you will never close the pinned tab by mistake as the X (Close) icon will not appear on them!


You can pin your most used tabs for quick access.

pintab2Transform productivity

The ‘Pin Tab’ feature is a really handy option for Internet users. However, there are also a few more things you need to remember about pinned tabs:

  • You cannot mix pinned and non-pinned tabs. When you’re moving around pinned tabs, you can only move them among other pinned tabs on the left side.
  • Any new links that you click to open in a new tab will always open to the right of your entire set of pinned tabs — even if you’re opening a link from within a pinned tab!
  • You will no longer see the numbered update counts for things such as Gmail, Twitter, Facebook and other services that give you a live count on the browser bar of new things going on within the page since the last time you were active for the pinned tabs.
  • If you want to close a pinned tab or no longer need to have that pinned, just right-click on it and select “Unpin Tab” or “Close Tab” in order to be able to get rid of it.
  • I have noticed that I lose my pinned tabs if my computer does a major update.  Its a simple fix to get them all back in there.


Pin your Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Notes and more!

In addition to pinning your most used tabs, you can also Pin your Google Docs, spreadsheets, notes and more.  I use these for my content plans for clients and a bunch of other things so it’s handy having them pinned too.  You will see these at the beginning of my pinned tabs, and I put them all together so I can find them quickly.


So, why not spend 5 minutes now ‘Pinning’ your most used tabs and documents, and watch your productivity grow!