I’ve never been comfortable as a sales person, and I’m sure anyone I ever tried to sell to knew it too! So, if it’s not in your DNA, don’t stress, there is a better way (and if you do SELL, you may need to reconsider how). If you run a business, chances are you are going to have to be selling your product or service, some more than others. So how do you do it then?
I’ve built Market Me to be a fulltime business from Day 1. I knew that I was on a winner, and I’ve lost track actually how many different clients I’ve worked with. I was once asked by a Business Coach out of 10 leads what percentage of leads do I convert to sales, and my answer was, at least 80%. How you ask?
1) The leads I have coming through are good quality leads. They have either been referred to me by a friend/work colleague/current client (word of mouth is huge!), or we already have a certain level of trust, because many of my leads have been following me on Facebook for a long time! #marketingisaprocess By posting valuable content, sticking around, knowing my stuff, they get to a point where they realise they need help to move forward and they contact me. The amount of people that email me after 3 years or following me just blows my mind.
2) When I DO speak to clients, I begin to give them a sneak peek if you like of the direction I would be taking them in. I discuss ideas specifically for them, I paint the picture of how things could work better, I show them a better way, BEFORE they even sign on to work with me. I offer FREE 30 minute consults to discuss your business and your marketing, and what they walk away from my call with, are fresh ideas, fresh inspiration, and fresh vision for their business. Its then my job once they decide to work with me, to take those ideas further and make them happen. This has become my natural way of working, it doesn’t feel like selling, it’s adding value before the consideration of a sale. The client/customer then feels comfortable to make their own choice. #letsgetitdone
3) In painting a vision for your potential customer or client, you are allowing them the whole package. Don’t just give them one product when the solution could be 3 or 4 products/services. Make it clear upfront! It’s like me giving you an apple and an knife, telling you that you need 100 pieces, and then walking away: you know what you need to but you’re left wondering on the how, and with no support! If you are a service type business, your client will feel more wholly serviced if you give them the whole package, not just one of your services, AND you will feel more accomplished knowing that you assisted them as much as you could. For product based businesses, we need to know how your product/business will improve our lives. This can be done on social media, in your blog posts, e-newsletters, at markets, in-store demos and how to’s just to name a few. #vision
So right now you’re probably saying, well aren’t they then getting that info for free? Can’t they then just go do it themselves? Yes they could. But for most, they don’t know where to start. They DO KNOW though, where I will be taking them and their business, before they pay any money, and THIS is the key to building your business, converting high numbers of leads, and in doing so you work less on your marketing but build strength into the potential relationship you have in front of you. #content #value #trust

Till next time…