Wow it was a task compiling all of these, BUT it’s a great list which SHOULD spark ideas for your Facebook Business Page.  Its never a one size fits all approach, some of these wont suit your business, but just do one thing for me, THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX AND GET CREATIVE!  

Before you read these, grab a piece of paper and a pen, and get ready to write down your thoughts.  As you go through these, ideas will come to mind and you’ll want to write them down!   PS.  This full list is available for download at the bottom of this post.

In fact, you could write out your next month’s posts in the next 10 minutes!


Youtube videos – Video Marketing is massive in 2013/2014.  These can be your own videos or those relevant to what you do.

A ‘Caption this’ photo – People LOVE to have their say and have a bit of fun too!

Tutorials on how to do related things

Sales or Promotions you are running – it’s best to limit sales posts to 10% of what you post, with the exception of when you’re running a time sensitive promotion or something in which you want to create massive buzz!

Instagram Pics – we all love pics!

Fill in the blank posts – people LOVE to have a game.  Yep I know, it’s a business page, but nothing breaks down people’s walls more than when they see a bit personality on a page!  Note: Not everyone likes to have a game ;(

Tweets or Twitter mentions – If you been re-tweeted – tweets – Why you ask?  It reminds people in a non-threatening way that you are on Twitter, and that stuff is happening over there!

Pinterest links – links to your favourite pictures, or pictures that paint a bigger picture in the minds of your followers  (both self posted and favourite finds), Etsy store products

Interactive questions – give people something to talk about.  Get interactive at key times.

Polls – use the Poll feature that Facebook gives us for free (haha!), and get people to answer a basic question.  These go viral!

Infographics of things related to your Industry (directly and indirectly)

Stories – wow people really connect with stories!   Don’t make them up, be 100% genuine, but share stories of how your brand came about, parts of your journey, parts of history that are relevant.  Believe it or not, people really connect with this type of thing.

The Process – sounds weird right, that you’d share with your fans the process of things?  But I don’t know about you, I LOVE hearing about how something is made, or how something is done.  You don’t have to give away your Company secrets or anything (well im pretty much giving you all mine right now!).  Take a series of photos or make a little video and show people how something is made.  It gives them a better appreciation for what you offer and they learn something at the same time!

Valueable information/links/articles – one way to show yourself as someone who is in the know in your Industry, is to share helpful articles or blog posts of topics related to your Industry.

Your own blog posts – The BEST way to show yourself as an Industry Leader or specialist in your field, is to write your own blog posts and provide some helpful information.   Give them some tips, or helpful how to’s or spotlight a job you did or a special occasions you were involved in.

Links to pages on your website – don’t forget that Facebook is a Website traffic strategy!  Invite them to view your Ábout us, or services page, FAQ’s etc

Questions – want to run some of your own Market Research?  What to find out what your fans REALLY want?  Ask them!  Create conversation, allow them to be part of what you do.

Testimonials/customer feedback – posting testimonials or positive feedback is a great way of helping edify your brand, and building trust.

Awards/Mentions/Featured elsewhere – Have you received an award altely?  Been mentioned in an article or featured on someone else’s website?  Share the link or photos with your fans!  It spells success and builds trust.

Your product ranges – sounds simple doesn’t it, but many forget to do this!  Good quality photos, nicely added in Albums will give Facebook users a quick glimpse at what you offer.  They if they are interested they can click through to your website!  Oh and by the way, make it easy for them to find your website, by putting the link on each photo in the info section, maybe even a bit of info and price?  They will love you!

Fan love posts – you know what thank your fans for following you from time to time.  Make a big deal of your growth milestones, your 100, 500, 100, 10K, 50K.  It spells progress, growth and that you actually care about your fans!

Inspirational images – I know what you’re thinking right now, but seriously, these kinds of images (if chosen well), can really connect in with people on an emotional level.  They will like and share these more than your normal business posts.  But don’t overdo it, and make sure they are positive images not negative ones.

Facts – We live in a world of facts and statistics, in fact you can find facts and stats on pretty much anything!  Share weird and wonderful facts about your products or your industry.  Give people something to oooh and aaah about!  Keeps it interesting.

Updates – this is one of the coolest things you can use your Facebook page for, updating your fans of what’s happening in your business, right here, right now, this very minute!   I’ve seen Tourism businesses book in guests for a weekend when someone else had to cancel out, simply by posting on this on their Facebook page (with a little discount of course!).  Do you events coming up, is something about to start, are you about to go on a radio station or live TV?  You’ve got this great opportunity to keep people updated here and now.

Location info – are you a location based business?  Why not  share with your fans a bit about the area you are located in.  This works well for Tourism type businesses, they can share about the area that they are located, what there is to do, to see, to eat and drink, all the cool stuff.   They can show us exactly why we need to visit them!   For me, a marketing business, I live in a historical part of South Australia, so im planning on sharing that with people soon!  Is your business right on the beach?  Is there stacks of parking!   Share this with people.

Facebook fan discounts – we all love a discount but it could just be that one things that gets people to your website to buy their first product from you.   Thank them for following you on your page by giving them a special discount or coupon to use!

Personal Interaction – I always say to those that Im training that we need to be relationship but professional at the same time.  Anything you say can harm your brand, so make sure it’s positive, but personal interaction posts where you just wish people a happy day or a happy weekend, can get some good interaction!  Happy Easter, Mother s Day, Father’s day, but even more general  interactive posts are good.  One a week would be perfect!   So you’re thinking not professional?  Remember that Facebook forms part of your customer service, and helps build trust!   Getting on a semi-personal level will help break their walls down.  Don’t over do it, but remember that  Facebook is one of the ways you can talk to your followers!


Share other page posts – share other businesses posts that are relevant to your Industry.  I’m not saying share competitor posts her, I’m talking about relevant Industry posts, or similar pages, Supplier posts, or posts from those that are the best in your industry.

Invite fans to connect with you on Twitter, or Linked In or join your Mailing list – this is a huge one.  Don’t assume that just because they follow your page they know they can connect with you elsewhere or receive your newsletter.  You need to point this out to people.

Invite them to visit your website – it’s been proven that a very small percentage of your fans will have actually seen your website.  They don’t automatically visit websites once they like pages, cause generally you only have a very small window of opportunity with them.  We’ve all liked pages in the newsfeed and not even gone to the page right?  Actually invite people to visit your website.  Especially if you’ve just updated it with new products or information.   Once a month is good!

Your USP – Unique Selling Proposition – what makes you stand out from your competitors?

CLICK HERE to download all these ideas for future use.

Yours in Marketing

Nic Jones